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We offer our financial services to a small and select group of clients.  Our frequent contact and close working relationships with these clients foster a sense of family.  Our professional family is here to serve your personal and business needs.  We care deeply about your success and work diligently to help you achieve and preserve it.



Wealth Management- We provide goal based portfolio construction advice and asset management.  At Sweetwater Financial, LLC we do not attempt to outsmart the markets by picking the right stocks or the next great market sector.  We build diversified portfolios that offer investors exposure to all markets.


Comprehensive Financial Planning- We provide professional objective financial advice for individuals and businesses.  We start by learning your current financial footprint and your financial goals. Then, we provide a path to work towards your goals. 


Risk Management-  We help individuals and businesses create the right insurance programs around your particular needs. By representing a handful of insurance companies that provide coverages in Life, Disability, Long Term Care, Health/Medical, Medicare Supplement Plans, Dental/Vision, and supplementary insurances, we can stay objective in matching the correct insurance carriers to your needs.


Estate Planning- We work closely with families to properly structure legacy assets to heirs.  We have found that every estate has different wishes.  Therefore, each case is carefully and uniquely constructed to suit the grantor's desires.  We help sort through, organize, and make sense of the process available for leaving behind your legacy.


Charitable Giving- Having a philanthropic heart is a gift.  We help individuals or companies with charitable intent structure their gifting strategy that best suits the needs of the individual and the nonprofit organization receiving the gift. 


Benefits-  We help companies structure their benefit packages.  Incorporating group insurances, qualified plans, and executive benefits helps attract and retain companies workforces.  Customization is the key component to making sure your benefit structure works into the companies cash flow, and provides the best perks for the employees.


Registered Representative, Securities offered through Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.,
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Our professional advisors are registered to offer securities in the following states: GA, AL, SC, FL

Our professional advisors are registered to offer advisory services in the following states: GA, AL, SC, FL